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Hot Instagram Photos and Sites

September 20, 2011 art, tech No Comments

We here at Dopemag have become completely enamored with Instagram, one the more popular photo apps to hit the streets. If you are not familiar with Instagram, the app enables users to take images either from the application or you can use images from your devices photo album. Once you have your image selected you can add filters to your photo (or not) to give them that old filmy-been layin’ around in a photo album for decades-pre digital camera-look. You can then upload and share those images with friends and other Instagram followers. As you will see below, the results are amazing images that can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. Here is a sampling of some of our pics.

Currently you can only use the application on your mobile device but there are some sites and plugins that allow you to interact with your instagrams or your friends instagrams. Here is a list of our favorites:


CONFUSION ALERT: The names are similar but they are NOT one and the same. Inkstagram allows users of Instagram to view their images and the images of the people they follow on the web. Much of the same functionality you would find in the app on your mobile device is present on this site plus some other handy features.


Scenario: You are an avid Instagrammer and you need to download all of your images in preparation for a photo exhibit. While sifting through all of your 10,000 images and hitting “save as” sounds like an amazing time (yawn) you would probably be better off using Copygram. Allow this site permission to access your account and they will email you a zipped file of ALL of your instagrams. Mine only took seconds, but I only have 17 images (stop laughing) so I would assume it would take a little longer for users with more images.


The photo worlds’ version of cock fighting is definitely Instawar. On this site you will see two Instagrams and you will have to choose which one you like best. Don’t worry nothing bad happens to the other photo (or so we were told). If you think the photos look good together then you can pair them up and share the link with friends. So it’s kind of like an arranged marriage but with photos…what?

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