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Dope Interview: Abigail Ricarte, creator of BAMBAKO

October 8, 2009 fashion, peeps Comments Off on Dope Interview: Abigail Ricarte, creator of BAMBAKO

Before we get on with the interview, a few things about Abigail Ricarte.  She’s a new force in the fashion world, braving the land of headbands.  Yes, headbands.  But these aren’t your run of the mill headbands.  Ricarte’s BAMBAKO is a line of artful, one-of-a-kind headbands for fashion forward ladies who aren’t scared to accessorize with some headgear.

Quick background, Ricarte fell into the world of fashion when she couldn’t find an adequate accessory for her pretty little head that matched her ensemble, style, and, most importantly at the time, that would help disguise her hair (it was in on of those awkward “growing out” phases).  Naturally, as any person with a high degree of creativity would do, Ricarte took a detour before heading to her event.  She dropped by the craft store to buy supplies to make her own headband.  As it turns out, she never exactly made it to that event.  Instead, she rocked out and made her first dozen BAMBAKO pieces.

And now, on with the interview:

Why headbands? I always liked wearing headbands but never found anything I really loved, unique, and at the right price. I really wanted a headband to wear for a friend’s birthday one night but couldn’t find anything so I took a detour to the craft store and made my own. I’d like to start doing other accessories in the future, but for now I just really really love making headbands.

When did you first start making headbands? February 2009

What inspires your designs for Bambako? Everything… From a woman’s outfit to a guy walking his dog to a store with a bright awning to a red coffee mug next to retro teal fridge. Colors are everywhere- the combination of colors of my headbands comes from just being aware of the natural color combination of the everyday life that work so well.

Who’s your fashion hero and why? Yves San Laurent, Rodarte, Marchesa, and Marc Jacobs. Geniuses in their craft.

If you could choose anyone you wanted to rock a Bambako headband, who would it be? M.I.A. or Little Boots.

What’s the fashion scene like in New Jersey? What scene.

What are you doing when you aren’t making fashion-forward headbands? Blogging about music, going to shows, trying to play the ukulele…

If you could let the world know about one thing or person, who/what would it be? Red velvet cupcakes at Brown Betty’s in Philly. Oh yes.

What is the one thing the world should know about you? Dang- what a hard question!  The world should know that the best from me is still to come… But it’s coming soon.

Where can someone purchase your headbands? Bambako.com or at Henri Bendel in New York.

Portent: A fashion film that channels the past, promotes the present and predicts the future

September 23, 2009 fashion, Latest Comments Off on Portent: A fashion film that channels the past, promotes the present and predicts the future

Pretentious? Maybe. Relateable? Not really. But innovative? Without a doubt.

Portent is an impeccably-crafted fashion film produced collaboratively by The Corner and SHOWstudio, the brainchild of legendary photographer Nick Knight. It is an ornate and ethereal celebration of the human form enblazoned by exquisite couture, and a dramatic yet blissful period piece at the same time. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s an ad?

Among the designer labels featured in the short film are Viktor & Rolf, Proenza Schouler, Kris Van Assche, Masion Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, just to name a few. What these brands all have in common, apart from their refined point of view and ungodly price tags, is that they each have their own “mini-store” on the virtual high-end fashion mall that is The Corner. The site stands out by offering visitors an especially creative and interactive shopping experience, dialed up through an array of stunning multimedia projects and campaigns which accentuate the unique DNA and design sensibility of each of its specially-selected brands.

Regardless of where you shop, how you shop, and your level of financial and artistic interest in what you wear, this film, “Portent,” and The Corner it was born on provide provocative insight on the future of retail, advertising and the notion that sex sells.

How well do you know your sneaker history? ADIDAS x PUMA x Int’l Peace Day

September 23, 2009 fashion Comments Off on How well do you know your sneaker history? ADIDAS x PUMA x Int’l Peace Day


Do you rock Puma or Adidas kicks?  Some do rock both, but most pledge allegiance to one more than the other.

To you, it may simply be a choice of who’s fresher, who’s designs fit your swagger best, who’s got the better celebrity endorsement, or who’s advertising is more entertaining, etc.  But to a someone who lives in Herzogenaurach, Germany, a pair of Pumas or a pair of Adidas on your feet says which side of the war you are on.

The loyalties behind the Three Stripes and the Puma run deep.  The two sneaker brands were founded in the same Bavarian town by the same blood.  At first, there was actually only one company – the one that started and grew out of Mama Dassler’s laundry room in 1924.  After a fallout in 1948 though,  Rudolf “Ruda” Dassler started Puma, initially named Ruda, and Adolf “Adi” Dassler headed Adidas.  There’s a lot of history there, for sure, but the fact that the Dassler brothers are buried in opposite ends of the town graveyard tells a lot of the story.  Even more, the two brothers died not having spoken to one another in years.

BUT some peace was made yesterday. Employees from both companies, which reside on opposing side of the Aurach River, played on mixed teams to celebrate International Peace Day.  The game was the first joint activity between the two German companies since the brothers went their separate ways after World War II!

The war may be over but we still want to know which side of the Aurach you’re at – Puma or Adidas?