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The Real YOU-Tube

February 21, 2010 tech Comments Off on The Real YOU-Tube

Since the beginning of time man has sought to communicate and connect with other humans. The telephone brought people from great distances closer through a seemingly magical machination of wires and signals. But of course, the insatiable nature of humans would lead us to more immediate ways of connecting ( when a physical or  face-to-face connection is not possoble ). We fantasized about the future when every home would have a video wall or a teleporting machine—the latter still a fantasy nowadays. The internet gave birth to message boards, email, chat rooms and now chatroulette.  This site takes making friends to an odd level.

Of course, you will have every pervert in the world showing or playing with bodyparts ( and some of y’all need to put those tiny things away )—it’s inevitable. Then of course there are college boys asking women to show some boobs, more college boys smoking out ( ha ha DOPE…sorry could not help it ) or smart-asses shouting racial slurs—all under the guise of anonymity. Some people leave their screens blank and wait for someone to say ‘hello’. Or my favorite, a half-second video of Jessica Alba followed by a guy wearing a clown outfit.

Like the physical world there are some people who were looking to make an actual ‘connection’. In my two hour global flight ( via Air MacBook ) I met a woman from Ohio, let’s call her Allison,  who claimed I looked like her ex-Hatian boyfriend while her gay friend ( as described by her ) made snarky comments ( which they thought I could not hear—HA! ). I also managed to chat with someone named Phillip who left his screen blank but schooled me on some hip hop out of North Carolina, J-Cole. Then there was a couple from Austrailia. I could not hear their names too well ( Josh and Erin? ). I think Josh killed the conversation because his girlfriend kept asking me questions…Yo Josh, I understand man, it’s all good. My last connection was with a guy from France named Christophe ( if that’s his real name ). We talked unemployment, politics and laughed about our experience on the site ( too many dudes whacking off ).

Nothing like experiencing racism in augmented reality

It was like experiencing a real-life Sliver ( minus the kooky murder stuff ) early AOL Chatrooms and a lame attempt at an Abercrombie & Fitch viral ad campaign ( almost every guy was wearing an Abercrombie shirt one guy had it tattooed on his entire rib cage…really??? ). I can see the appeal of this site. It reminds me of flipping a channel until you see something interesting only you get to interact with the content ( unless you get next-ed…is that a word? ) It’s not for the thin skinned though. Getting dissed or skipped by a stranger may make some relive awkward high school moments. The beauty of this site is that you may see or meet someone you would have never crossed paths with otherwise.

I did not see too may people of color there ( although Allison claims to be mixed…I’m just sayin’ ) which was disappointing. That fact coupled with the junior racist coalition calling me nigga’  makes me wonder about how far we have really come. Here we are in 2010 with amazing technological capabilities and we revert to “hey chocolate-face…heeee heeeee heeee”. There is a world, in the palm of our hands, that we can shape and mold into something amazing. We can learn so much from one another, hell maybe even make a friend. I not expecting utopia or anything, I’m just sayin’ you are better than that. And if you are not then  fuck you.

I highly recommend the experience. It’s the cheapest way to see the world in sugar packet-sized doses. Thanks to all who had ‘something’ to say. —AG

Gabriel Dishaw’s “Colossus” Air Jordan

February 5, 2010 art, fashion, tech Comments Off on Gabriel Dishaw’s “Colossus” Air Jordan



Width: 21.5″ / Height: 8″ / Depth: 13″
Shoe Size: (Men’s) 9.5


15 pounds


December 12, 2009


54 Hours


Showing at gallery 360SEE

In the words of Gabriel Dishaw

“This sculpture is a part of a shoes series I’m currently working on where I revist some of my favorite classic sneaker silhouettes. This time around I took on the iconic jordan 1.

I used copper in a big way, influenced from a previous Jordan (Air Jordan 17 + ) One of my favorite Jordan’s of all time.

In Reference to the theme and name “Colossus”: I wanted to pay homage to the first computer that recent history tells us was the Colossus. The first electronic computer was developed by the British to crack the LORENZ codes used by the German high command during World War 2.

Key Features

  • Extra pair of steal braided shoe laces.
  • Copper midsole for extra durability.
  • Premium Luggage unit for secure transportation and display.
  • Shoes fasten into box for secure lockdown when transporting.
  • Upper made from 70’s era hard drive.
  • Outer sole made from motherboards for increased durability and data transfer.

The Day the ‘Kindle’ Died (updated)

January 27, 2010 art, Headlines, tech Comments Off on The Day the ‘Kindle’ Died (updated)
Apple gets ready to announce its latest creation

Apple gets ready to announce its latest creation

Today Apple is set to announce its latest creation in San Francisco, California. The device is said to be the heavily rumored iTablet or iSlate tablet PC. The tech world is on edge awaiting this highly anticipated announcement. If the tablet is in fact for real, this would mark yet another shift in the mobile device industry. Within the last ten years Apple has gained a large share of the portable MP3 player market with its iPod and recently the iPhone. An Apple designed tablet PC would be a significant game-changer in the e-reader and personal multimedia device industry. Not only would the iSlate (that’s the name we are betting on right now) challenge the Kindle e-reader it would also make digital album purchases more enticing, much akin to the days when we bought whole albums. Why? Because digital music releases are now starting to offer more multimedia bundled within album releases that go beyond a PDF of the liner notes. Interactivity with your favorite bands/musicians is going to get a serious upgrade…if it’s all true.


It’s called the iPad. The price points are a bit wacky. There is no camera as earlier speculations have reported. I guess we have something to look forward to next year. Here it is, if you have not seen it already.