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Caught in mid mix...

Caught in mid mix…

Anthony Grant, Founder, Publisher Anthony is a graphic designer by day, artist/DJ/blogger by night. “I created this site to turn people on to things that myself and everyone else involved find interesting” said Mr. Grant. “We each have varied interests that may not necessarily be at the forefront when it comes to media coverage”. “I like to learn about people/things that are ‘behind the scenes’ rather than exclusively paying attention to the art, music, fashion, tech etc… that is always mentioned”.  “If an article we post can help an artist get a show, or get a musician new fans, then that to me is truly DOPE“.

As a designer Anthony has worked with a rather impressive list of clients including START SOMA, MobiTV, Florida Power & Light, Orangia, Voltage Recordings. If you in the Bay Area you can catch DJ Mr. Grant (Heist DJs, Heartist Crew) on the turntables with fellow dope-peddler Samala ( see below ) at clubs such as Otis, Madrone, Tunnel Top, Double Dutch and the W.



C. M. Samala, Editor, Director of Hauteculture

Samala is a true renaissance woman: an Artist by nature, Brander / Strategist / Designer by trade and accomplished DJ by skill, with a dose of seasoned social entrepreneur and righteous community builder on the side.  She sits on the board of a some impressive nonprofit organizations (like Wiser.org, for one), is the founding director of the country’s first online advocacy organization for Asian Pacific Americans (18MR.org), was Co-Founder & Creative Director of START MOBILE, was a member of the founding team at The Story of Stuff Project as its Director of Online Media & Strategy, is the Ringleader of the Heartist Crew, is DOPE‘s resident do-gooder, and, oh, lest we forget to mention, just the coolest nerd around.  Samala is a force to be reckoned, that’s for darn sure.

This gal is obsessed with productivity, in the best of ways.  “I work day and night, literally!,” Samala shared, “… all in the name of community and culture, and usually involving art and music.”

With all the moves to be made and dots to connect, Samala can be a hard one to track down.  If you want catch her in the Bay Area, a good place to start looking is behind the 1s and 2s after dark, rocking fly beats at Madrone, Tunnel Top, 111 Minna, Double Dutch, Project One, Otis, or Bambuddha Lounge.  In New York, try Plan B, the SkinNY, or a house party in Brooklyn or on the Bowery.  And, of course, you can always find her here at DOPE – yet another cookie jar for Samala to get her hands into so that she can stay good and phat.


Corine Michel, Editor, Contributor

Corine is currently writing her second novel and is a Producer at Supreme Robot Pictures.  She’s been published in various erotic e-magazines and has been involved in the film/tv industry for the past few years.  She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and moved to NYC in 2002.

After many odd jobs and working for Penguin Publishing and SonyBMG, Corine started to freelance. Her break was with Art House Films.

You can always catch her at a film festival, a concert, comedy club or writing in a downtown cafe. She’s hard to spot so maybe look for the girl with spikes in her ears or [corinemichel@dopemag.com].

addicted to dope

Liz Chernett, Contributor, Fashion Correspondent

With pep in her step and swag in her bag, Liz has been has been pumping DOPE through the veins of Philly, NYC and most recently, San Francisco. As a freelance marketing and trends consultant, she provides leading edge expertise on all things funky and fresh—from fashion and music, to tech and gadgets, nightlife and retail—to global consultancies such as The Futures Company, CScout and MindShare. When she’s not busy trend-spotting she spearheads US sales for Bagua, a French designer sneaker brand.

Before branching out on her own, Liz worked full-time as a senior strategic consultant for The Futures Company, a gig which took her around the world and back enlightening brands such as Coca-Cola, CK, Guinness and Samsung, among others. During that time, she also wrote and art directed a global youth trends product called D_Code which she sold and presented to brand executives at Dell, Axe, Dove and Coke-Zero.

“I believe all the latest and greatest we see around us comes out of the intersection between emerging attitudes and behaviors,” she says, “and staying tuned in to these cultural frequencies is my favorite jam.”